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BLD Magazine: Batman: The Dark Knight Rises
Posted by: Mike - June 13th, 2012

 Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Review 

The Last film left the audience hanging, bringing forth this agonizing conclusion of the Dark Knight Series.


The third instalment takes place 8 years later, introducing villains that are even more devious. Exploring Bruce Wayne's motivations and concluding his journey from vengeful hero to superhero and back again.



As a Batman struggles with playing the hero and pushes his limits to contain the darker side of his character, he must also face and stop Bane, a carnage-seeking monster who brutally slaughters and shreds anyone in his way to death.


Rumours have it that Batman will perish by the trilogy’s close. Does he have what it takes to protect a city that has him out to be a villain, after years of throwing in the towel?


Bane, Batman fans from the comic world will know, is the only nemesis that has overthrown Batman in the story's past, breaking his back in one of the books.
Wreaking havoc all over Gotham is exactly what this menace enjoys. His brutality and deliberate violence making the Joker seem like a Joke.


How much more can the Dark Knight do for the city he has already given everything to? There is only so much high-tech gadgetry, exploding arsenals & accelerated vehicles can do this time around. Watch, as Batmsn must defend himself from not one, but two villains deadest on destroying Gotham when Anne Hathaway makes her debut as the sultry and sexy Catwoman, "an associate" of Bane. Hathaway was quoted as having studied the work of Hedy Lamarr, a woman who was considered an exceptionally beautiful and sexy actress, as the inspiration for her portrayal of the Catwoman character. Making it her goal to be the best Catwoman yet.


See who really Rises and Who will Fall. July 20th, 2012.











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