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BLD Magazine: Ted Is Real
Posted by: Mike - June 13th, 2012




Finally a Seth MacFarlane Film! From the Creator of the popular comedy series, Family Guy.


Don't act like you don't want to see it. Who doesn't want to see a cute cuddly Teddy Bear with the voice of Peter Griffin? Silly? For sure! But If you’re a fan of the show, or even not, this one is out to get some laughs, with his signature dirty sense of humour.


Combining live action and animation, the comedy tells the story of Mark Wahlberg's character, John, who as a hilarious result of a childhood wish, lives with a talking teddy bear that hasn’t left his side since.


Not just any run of the mill-talking bear either, this’s a foul-mouthed, boozing, smoking, perverted, boobie honking, stuffed Bear.


And things start getting out of control as they grow older, or should I say burning out together. John can't seem to shake him off and Ted having a knack for continually showing up at the worst possible moments, proving to make one unique, & hysterical story. Goes to show you that indeed even teddy bears lose their innocence, as they grow older.


Enter the sexy, Mila Kunis, playing John's girlfriend. She starts becoming increasingly irritated with vulgar Ted hanging around, pushing the idea of breaking the tie. Only, it won't be the easiest task. You'd think taking on a fluffy child’s toy would be trouble-free? They have another thing coming when the Hookers and Punches break out! Watch what you wish for, or you could end up with something even worse than a bear for a friend, and a TV falling on your junk.


Premieres June 29th.

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