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BLD Magazine: Piranha 3dd Review
Posted by: Mike - June 13th, 2012

Piranha 3DD REVIEW

Probably guessed by the Title, it is in fact a Sequel to the Piranha Film series.

However, this time, making it a bit more interesting. This time, the flesh hungry set of teeth, go to town in a water park. Yep, a newly opened Water park, and guess what? It’s full of Humans to prey on.

However, how did they get there? Simply by swimming through sewage Pipes, or did someone have a sick sense of humour?

Everyone came to get wet, but will get much, much more then what they bargained for!  Even the smallest of dangers lurk in the least likely places. What spot could possibly be safe when you’re surrounded by crowded water?


It'll take a bunch of strong willed individuals to survive this and the film brings back familiar survivors to face this ordeal once again and take on these man-eating creatures before they savagely saturate these waters with Blood. We see the return of Ving Rhames, the deputy who lost his limbs in the prequel, and the talents of celebrity lifeguard David Hasselhoff, as himself. Look forward to black humour and loads of bloody teeth!!

If everyone thought the beach was bad, at least there were boats! The gore level will surely show which was more brutal. I’m wondering if the Extra D in 3DD is for even more creative Deaths, maybe some down and dirty scenes? Or maybe, simply more thrilling 3D effects?

Whatever the case may be. Only June 1st will tell.

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