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BLD Magazine: Horrible Tv Neighbors
Posted by: Mike - June 14th, 2012

Horrible TV Neighbors

The Griffins from Family Guy
Rude, obnoxious and just plain annoying, the Griffins from Family Guy bring horrible neighbors to an all-time low. With all the shenanigans of their dog, baby and the dad, it’s a wonder they have not been kicked out of their neighborhood yet. To bad neighbors, boy, am I happy The Griffins are fictional.

Eric Cartman from South Park
Breaking into Kyle’s house on a regular basis makes Eric Cartman from the popular show South Park, one of the worst neighbors on TV. Cartman never has anything nice to say to anyone and he is constantly making fun of others, while making himself feel better. Damn you Eric Cartman, I’m so glad I don’t live in South Park next to you.

Ned Flanders from the Simpsons
Pretentious, loves to gloat and religious zealot Ned loves to annoy the heck out of his neighbors, The Simpsons. There is not a time that goes by that Ned sees Homer and actually gives him a compliment, without jumping into a phrase about how life is beautiful because of church or something similar to that. Plain and simple, it would suck to live next door to Ned Flanders.

Joey from Friends
Just for his played-out catchphrase alone, Joey from the syndicated TV show Friends makes a pretty exasperating neighbor. He never has money, because he is one of those, “starving actors”, but yet, has all the time in the world to take everyone else’s food straight out of their refrigerator. There is nothing redeeming about Joey, except maybe his has good hair. Other than that, Joey would be infuriating to live around, especially if you are forced to be nice to him, because of his pathetic puppy dog look he always has going on. No, thank you!

Walden Schmidt from Two and a Half Men
Sorry to say, I know he is a drugged out psychopath, but ever since Charlie Sheen left Two and a Half Men, it is doing nothing but sucking! But, really, could a drugged out womanizer who lives out his crazy fantasies in real life really be interesting to watch? Oh yes, very interesting. The most interesting thing Ashton Kutcher has done is host that crazy show Punk’d. After that, it was all downhill for him. You know what Ashton, just give it a rest already and let someone else have a try at showbiz, would you?

Susan from Desperate Housewives
Oh Susan, what are we going to do with you? Susan is infamous in the little neighborhood of Wisteria Lane on the show Desperate Housewives, because she is always snooping around. This little fact definitely categorizes her as a very annoying neighbor. Looking into people’s homes, checking up on them and oh my goodness, talking about them behind her back; is there anything this woman does not do to be a bad TV neighbor? Susan, stay far away from me and my family and everything will be a-ok!


Betty Draper from Mad Men
Conceited, know-it-all and just plain not fun; Betty Draper from Mad Men is all that and a not a whole lot more. She is simply someone I would not want to hang out with, let along live around. Betty Draper makes watching paint dry more interesting at times, and that might be an understatement to her mediocre ness. Betty Draper from Mad Men, show your face or don’t, we really don’t care that much. Just stay off my street with your heard it before comments and cackles.

Michael Scott from the Office
Even though it is technically an office and not a neighborhood, it could still be categorized as the same thing. Bottom line, Michael Scott would make for a lousy neighbor. He is already a pretty lousy boss that is obviously victimized and unfortunately, doesn’t have the back of his co-workers. But, Michael will be Michael and there is not much to say or do to change that, he seems pretty set in his ways. Overall, it would suck to work for Michael Scott and I know it would suck to live in the same neighborhood as Michael Scott.

Meg from Supernatural
Infuriating people’s lives, that is the name of the game for Meg from the hit show, Supernatural. She is wonderful for setting up annoying traps for people as well as possessing people, EWW! Meg just loves to stir up trouble, but for some reason, it seems ridiculous that this sweet-looking girl would be up to this much mischief. Meg, just stop the charade, its getting old already.

Anyone from the Jersey Shore
I have been talking about fictional TV shows, but I just had to throw the Jersey Shore in there to make it official. Annoying, loud, always drunk, and constantly making up stupid phrases, like, “cwwwaabbs here”, the Jersey Shore entire household is detrimental to the neighborhood, city, state and even the country they happen to reside in. I am going to do as much as I can to stay away from anywhere these ridiculous GTL folks are, and that includes on my television set. Therefore, please, for the delight or detriment of all bad TV neighbors, the Jersey Shore housemates definitely take the cake for being the worst of all time.

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