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BLD Magazine: The Most Badass Villains
Posted by: Paul Campbell - June 13th, 2012

John Kramer – From the Saw Film Series

Known as the JigSaw Killer throughout the series, this killer forces his victims to face sadistic trials in order to test their willingness to live.

Unlike most psychopaths, this character does not consider his actions as committing murder due to his psychological purpose behind every "Game”, he puts them through. Games that will leave you broken, bloody, blind and one leg less.


The Joker – From the Dark Knight

Portrayed by many, but nothing and no one can beat, Heath Ledger's portrayal of one’s Inner Psychopath.

One actor that will always be remembered even after death. His character commits acts of overly thought out and sadistic chaos that leaves those seeking his intent utterly incapable of finding and/or divining the extent of his wild intentions. Many say it is hard to consider the Joker a true villain.

He could be one of those with good intentions, gone way wrong. Could explain his permanent smile…


Freddy KruegerFrom Nightmare on Elm Street

A vengeful, burned, dream stalker created by Wes Craven. His weapon of choice is a glove armed with razors to kill his victims in their dreams, or should I say nightmares. Thus, causing the victims to die the same way in the waking world. He represents subconscious fears, turning every "resting my eyes" moment into waking up in class screaming for dear life. However, the most frightening thing is, when those lose sight between a dream and reality, what is truly real? Maybe dying in your sleep isn't the best way to go.


Norman Bates – From Psycho

Famously known in Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film adaptation, Psycho. The character suffers from Multiple Personality Disorders due to abuse as a child. Leading him to murder his own mother and assuming her personality to repress her death and escape the guilt of murdering her. Soon, even that is not enough; He then also lures victims into his family’s Motel for some good ol’ fashioned fun. By fun I mean, peeping on them and showing them his kitchen knife through the shower curtain, while dressed up as his mother.

Bill – From the Kill Bill Volumes

A very wise and powerful character who takes his heartbreak too far. His actions leading to a long and brutal portrayal of blood and violence as the protagonist slaughters all in her way to get to him. He may be considered heartless, but he is rendered permanently heart-less anyways with the help of the "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique".


The Candy Man – From Candyman

An Urban Legend of a deformed maniac killer that appears in mirrors when wishfully summoned in darkness. Known for his Raspy voice of death, Hook Hand, honey smeared body and the little candy treats he leaves around for his prey. Maybe filled with goodness or sharp objects, yum.



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