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BLD Magazine: Louie
Posted by: Mike - August 9th, 2012



From the t.v show Louie

You don’t have to be smart to laugh at fart jokes, but you have to be stupid not to. So reasoned the brain behind one of the most heartfelt, introspective, and funny shows on an appearance on The Colbert Report.

We’re talking about standup comic/writer Louis C. K. here, and in honor of the recent launch of FX’s most high-profile series launch (probably ever) and subsequent posting, this seemed an ideal time to cover the best comedy on television (also Season Two just launched on Netflix, so this is doubly timely).

Louis C. K. follows the footsteps of Jerry Seinfeld here, cast in a show that takes two syllables from the star’s real moniker as a standup comedian in New York, featuring episodes about nothing in particular but life itself and segments of standup that mirrors the focal points of said episode’s narrative. It’s just way cruder than Seinfeld, and still startlingly human.

C. K. forms a caricature of himself, showing his life as a deplorable, selfish existence that goes nowhere and does nothing of consequence. His romantic relations are largely failures, excepting some few successes with borderline hideous women. Single father (which he excels at being under the radar), pessimistic, alienating, aloof, C. K.’s on-camera persona morphs a person who the unsuspecting audience would consider to be a great person given his good humor into something despicable and reflects back the personal struggles that so many of us experience ourselves. He’s bullied by a high schooler. He gets fired from an acting job by Matthew Broderick. He finds his middle school crush is now obese.

As the show goes from fart jokes to coping with suicide, from berating hecklers to losing religion, the show’s creator, writer, director, producer, editor, and star shows the comedian’s life as equal parts bearer of humor and mirror to the human experience.


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