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BLD Magazine: Winning: Charlie Sheen Is Back In Anger Management
Winning: Charlie Sheen is back in Anger Management
Posted by: Mike - August 9th, 2012

Charlie Sheen in Angermanagement 


I know what you’re wondering, it’s the same question that’s been clouding everyone’s thoughts in the wake of Syrian protesting, global warming, Chuck Norris homophobia, and health care crises: What’s Charlie Sheen up to these days?

 Still exploiting his craziness, apparently. In the age of personal branding, there’s probably nothing more fiscally responsible a twilighting, increasingly irrelevant, trauma-ridden celebrity can do than to play off the only feature of his popularity that makes him marketable. The promos for his new show even still use the “winning” bit that Sheen has been trying to trademark (among 20 other phrases).

This craziness is attributed to the new FX show Anger Management, which launched June 28th in the US and airs Thursdays with an otherwise pretty great comedy lineup. FX isn’t known for a whole lot, but their original shows consistently rate well with critics, including the long-running drama Rescue Me. My personal favorite is Louie, Louis C. K.’s Seinfeld-esque sitcom that caricatures its creator, writer, producer, editor, and actor’s life.

This company provides some promise for Sheen’s latest venture, as the show seems to follow that quasi-reality genre of comedy that holds self-awareness for its star. Charlie stars as an anger management therapist named, you guessed it, Charlie, who helps patients in unorthodox ways (drink a pint of tiger blood three times daily is one presumable fix). If you’ve seen the cult-followed HBO show In Treatment, you know the possibilities here are endless. With a constant need for new and interesting patients, there’s a whole world of off-the-wall celebrities who can make guest appearances and even return occasionally with some running character jokes.

It remains to be “Sheen” if Anger Management will be a “winner” (two puns, one clause), but if you’re not too turned off by the guy yet, it could be worth checking out.

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