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BLD Magazine: 10 Favorite Television Bosses
Posted by: Mike - June 13th, 2012

10 Favorite Television Bosses


OK, so sitcoms aren’t actually much like real life. But sometimes they provide us with visions to aspire to. And if our actual bosses tried just a little bit harder to be like the ones we see on TV, the world might be a better place. Take these ten examples. Any one of them would probably be better than the boss you have now, no?

1.    Buck Strickland
King of the Hill’s Buck Strickland, owner of Strickland Propane, would be a great boss to work for due to one simple reason – he’s never around. He’s the ultimate absentee boss. Need to take a few hours off in the middle of the workday? He’ll never notice.

2.    Walter Skinner
The X Files’ Walter Skinner had two of the most insubordinate, stubborn underlings television has ever seen. They probably chronically forgot to turn in their expense reports, too. But did he ever lose his cool? Nah. He gave them the benefit of the doubt and covered for their asses with the higher-ups. Of course he got infected with mind-control nanotechnology for his troubles, but who’s keeping score?

3.    Charlie
Yes, of Charlie’s Angels fame. Charlie may send his Angels out on dangerous missions, but he manages to stay out of their way so well, we never even see him on-camera. He’s the Daddy we all wanted – the one who gives us everything we want and remembers to stay out of our room.


4.    Jean-Luc Picard
Not only is your boss hyper-competent -- he’s a trained Shakespearian actor. Picard, of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame, is the epitome of the fatherly boss type. He listens to your problems. He takes your critiques seriously. Of course he’s science fiction, because the technology to perfect this boss hasn’t been invented yet.

5.    Lou Grant
The Mary Tyler Moore show’s head honcho is gruff. He’s loud. He’s got a fuse shorter than a cheap illegal firework. But he’s also got your back.

6.    Tony Soprano
The Sopranos’ head honcho is gruff. He’s loud. He’s got a fuse shorter than a cheap illegal firework. But he’s also got your back. Unless he thinks you’re disloyal. Then he’ll smother you with a pillow.

7.    Michael Scott
He’ll always be your friend – in fact, The Office’s star supervisor will try a little too hard to be your friend. Also, you can totally outsmart him. And come on, he’s even got a mug that says “World’s Best Boss.” What more do you want?


8.    Jack McCoy
It’s the eyebrows. Jack McCoy of Law and Order got the best boss eyebrows ever. Eyebrows with sincerity and gravitas are what every boss needs.

9.    Wilhelmina Slater
You have nothing to fear from this uber-ambitious tigress from Ugly Betty – you’re lower on the totem pole than she is, so you’re just a pawn and hardly worth an iota of her ruthless attention. Play along and you’ll be fine.

10.    Sam Malone
It must be nice to have a bartender as a supervisor, a la Cheers. You can tell him your problems. He’s more like a best friend than a supervisor. And if things get too hectic at work, your boss will buy you a beer.



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