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BLD Magazine: Edward Maya
Posted by: Paul Campbell - June 12th, 2012


1.       You have an educational background in music, how has that helped you build yourself as an artist?

To become a successful artist you need a music education, a lot of ambition and of course talent.

2.       When did you first decide you wanted to do house music?

I guess around 6 years, my grandfather is a musician too, so music runs in my family.

3.       Can we expect any other style of music in the future that you may write or produce?

Of course, I make rock music, classic, movie soundtracks and I like the good music does not depend if it’s house, classic, oriental or something else.

4.       What peeked your interest in music first- what was your original goal?

To try to express myself through music, my feelings, my life..

5.       The music that you have released up to now has a very unique sound, has that been influenced by your culture or background?

I like to bring always something new in my music, until now I used for my songs old instruments and classic ones.

6.       You have opened you own record label “Mayavin Records”, what can we expect for the upcoming years?

New artists, new music, new projects and I hope movies in few years.

7.       Mayavin Model Agency is an agency that you created to get fresh faces in your video clips and photo shoots,  where did you come up with that idea?

I want new faces with something special in my videos and my artists videos, I am always looking for something new.

8.       Most of your work has been in collaboration with other artist, how important is collaborating with other people?

Very important! Depends on the voice of the persons, her/his feeling on the song.

9.       In 2008 you produced the re-launch of the group Akcent with their album “Fara Lacrimi” and helped Vika Jiguline known internationally, how does it make you feel that you helped them grow as artists?

For Akcent was a great pleasure and for Vika Jigulina she is my artist and we will also collaborate in the future.

10.   Would you rather be producing the hits or performing them? –Why?

I like to make the song to express my feelings and also to perform them, like this I can be more close to my fans all around the world.

11.   Is there anyone right now that you would love to collaborate with? -Why?

I like artists as David Guetta, Akon, Jay Sean but I would love a collaboration with Enya to try to bring something new on the electronic and classic market, to combine them.

12.   The This is My Life tour has been going on throughout the entire summer and will continue until the end of the year, how has this experience been for you?

Is a great experience to meet every week new people, to see new cultures, new countries.

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