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BLD Magazine: Edward Maya
Posted by: Paul Campbell - June 12th, 2012

13.   The This is My Life tour made you go across the world and back, where was the most memorable place where you did a show? –why?

Every city and every fan that I ever meet has something special, I love all the places I was and also all my fans.

14.   In June you came to Montreal for the second time and performed at Moomba Supper club, how is Montreal different than the other places you’ve been to?

It’s a great night life there, the parties in Montreal are perfect, I loved it there.

15.    I noticed that your This is My Life tour you have performed mostly in Portugal, what is it about Portugal that makes you want to perform more times than once?

For this summer was a tour prepared only for Portugal for all my fans there, a tour in Ecuador in September and Brazil, and will be one in the USA at the end of the year.

16.   How do you feel when you get to perform in your hometown? Do you save your best performances for your home shows?

You will be surprise but in my country I had only 4 shows until now, my country is very beautiful but very small, but I do my best for my Romanian fans too.

17.   You have visited a lot of countries recently, where were the places where the girls were the prettiest?

I guess the Russian girls, as you can see Vika Jigulina’s a very beautiful girl with an amazing voice.

18.   Has being the huge star that you are uped your game with the ladies?

When time for that? When I am home I am always in the studio and after the concert I stay with my fans for photos and after that go in the hotel room to make another song.

19.   What would you love to achieve in your lifetime?

I want to become more than I am today! I want to help young talents as myself to become successful artists.

20.   Who has been the most influential person you have known?

My family and my friends, they were always there to support me

21.   Stereo Love was a huge hit, when it was time for your second single, were you ever scared that it would never be as big?

When I made “this is my life” yes I was scared, but after the first hour I made the song public and all my fans were glad I knew that this will be another hit, now I am scared about “Desert rain” but I put all my soul in this song too.

22.   Right now, you are an important player in the music industry how has your personal life changed?

My personal life? Well I am always in the plane or in a hotel or on stage. I guess it was changed a lot, but I still make time for my family and friends.

23.   How do you feel now that you were able to put Romania on the map with a respectable club life?

Very proud of me and my music, it’s very hard to try to become something in the international industry music, a lot of work..but everything was worth it


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