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BLD Magazine: Akcent
Posted by: Mike - June 12th, 2012


Check out our entire interview with the group below.

1. In 2001, how did you feel when you were named the best band in Romania?
Adrian: The massive success of our debut single in Romania really took us by surprise, as did all awards received during that time. We were, of course, very happy that happened, we were really believers and we all thought the music we did would reach the audience.

2. How has your music evolved from 2001 until now?
Adrian: Our music has kept the feeling in the vocals and the message in the lyrics, while the sounds have obviously evolved to what’s currently happening all around the world.

3. It goes without saying that after 2008 your success has skyrocketed and you have been able to pierce into the American music stream, how big of an accomplishment was that?
Mihai: Not big, it was huge and it still is, even if we do still have a long way to go!

4. Edward Maya produced your latest C.D. How has his style of house music inspired you?  
Mihai: Adrian is the producer of our latest album, Edward was only one of the composers..

5. How different is it to perform in America than it is in Europe?
Sorin: People are having fun wherever we perform. The experience is pretty much the same and when we have a show, surely no one leaves with anything else but very nice memories, you can see that on our Facebook page as people always tag us in so many photos.

6. You have always topped the charts in Europe with your club hits. What was the aspect that made you break out of there and become known worldwide?
Adrian: I think that as our sound has always evolved, at some point it became somehow trendsetter, this is how I can explain our worldwide success.

7. Akcent now has 7 albums out and there has been a substantial growth. What can we expect coming up in the new decade?
Mihai: Surely we will evolve further and we’ll be there to bring you new sounds in the club scene with a Romanian influence.

8. What is your favourite song that you did until now and why?
Sorin: We’re always in love with the last track we do, currently this is the case for “My Passion” which we have just released back home in Romania.

9. Akcent is categorized as a Romanian Dance Pop Act, but in Canada you’re topping the charts and bagging the club scenes. What were your hopes for international success?  
Adrian: There’s always place for improvement, surely we still have a long way to go and we’re always trying to produce music that can reach a larger and larger audience.

10. You have been in the public eye for a while now, what has changed since you have been world renowned?  
Sorin: We are still regular people if that what the question is all about. But when we are at home we do get chased by paparazzi which is not always fun. Otherwise, things are pretty much the same.

11. Where is your all-time favourite place to perform?  
Mihai: Hard to say. Every place has its special feeling and I can tell you that there is no place that we have not enjoyed.

12. A lot of people are hoping that Akcent does a concert in their city, what are the deciding factors that make you want to go perform in a certain place?  
Sorin: We go where we are invited to perform. It all depends on our schedule.

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