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BLD Magazine: Could Mj Be In Over His Head?
Could Mj be in Over his Head?
Posted by: Mike - June 19th, 2012



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Michael Jordan may be the greatest player ever in the history of the NBA. His scoring titles, MVPs and NBA championships are unquestionable and in many ways, unmatched. Lebron, Kobe, Durant never have and never will be Michael Jordan on their best day. His play on the court cannot be questioned.


On the other hand, his managerial decisions off of the court have been extremely questionable ones. His latest one is one of the more puzzling decisions that I have ever heard of.  


After the Bobcats had one of the worst seasons in NBA history, one would think that the Bobcats would bring in the calvary in terms of a head coach. This would be a great job for a budding NBA assistant coach that is looking to get his feet wet in the coaching profession. Pacers Assistant Coach Brian Shaw comes to mind. Magic assistant coach Patrick Ewing comes to mind. Jerry Sloan was even rumored to be a top candidate. Instead, Michael Jordan chooses… Mike Dunlap??


Mike Dunlap is the assistant coach of the St John’s basketball squad under coach Steve Lavin. He has over 30 years of coaching experience. Unfortunately, he has no experience as a head coach at the Division I or NBA level. He has been assistant head coach in several other places such as Arizona, Oregon and the Denver Nuggets. In addition, he has spent more time as a college assistant than an NBA assistant. There are many fans that are jokingly saying that this pick is another chance for Jordan to ensure that he gets the #1 pick in this draft. The decision is puzzling in that this took place all in one day. Jordan had interviewed several candidates and had supposedly narrowed the list down. However, he widened the candidate pool. Thus, Mike Dunlap was hired as a result. Dunlap is widely credited around the NBA for his knowledge of the overall game. Jordan was impressed with Dunlap’s emphasis on player development.  


Still, this is a sub-par move to turn around a team that was 7-59 last season. Unfortunately, this is the latest in a sizable list of nonsensical moves by Jordan as an owner and general manager. What planet was Jordan on when he drafted Kwame Brown at #1 as a Wizard? Adam Morrison was a complete bust for the Bobcats. Michael Jordan had a chance at time to hire Jeff Van Gundy. He chose not to due to the fact that he was a rival during his playing days. It’s no surprise that he did not hire Ewing either.


Speaking as a Knicks fan who had to suffer through the painful Isiah era, Michael Jordan could be giving Isiah a run for his money in terms of being a bad executive.   



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