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BLD Magazine: Top 5 Formula One Drivers Of All Time
Posted by: Mike - June 12th, 2012


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1.    Aryton Senna


Aryton Senna was a three-time world champion of Formula 1. He won the world championship in 1988, 1990 and 1991. He won all three championships riding the Honda Marlboro McLaren. In his 10-year career, he won 41 total races and 65 pole positions.  




Aryton Senna holds several Formula 1 records. He holds the record for most consecutive pole positions with eight. In addition, he owns the record for most consecutive starts from the front row with twenty-four. He also owns the record for most wire-to wire victories with nineteen. He has the most Monaco Grand Prix victories of all time.




He won the Canadian Grand Prix in 1988 and 1990.  It is no doubt that these races propelled him to world championships in those years.





Senna’s life was cut short in 1994 at the tender age of 34 when he crashed at the San Monaco Grand Prix. There are many that feel he is the greatest driver of all time for accomplishing so much in 10 years.





2.    Michael Schumacher


This German native is a Formula 1 legend who has numerous accolades over the years. Brace yourself for the accomplishments by this man who is still riding in the Formula 1 circuit at the present moment. He has won 7 world championships, including a record 5 in a row between the years 2000-2004. He holds the largest margin of victory in a championship season. He has the most Formula 1 victories of all time with ninety-one. He has the most wins in one season as well as the most wins with the same team. Along with victories, he holds the record for the most second-place finishes as well as Top 3 finishes.





Michael Schumacher is a 7-time winner of the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.

Juan Michael Fangio


Fangio was a pioneer of early Formula 1 competition. The Argentine native was nicknamed El Maestro. Fangio would only race in the Formula 1 circuit for seven years. He raced with 4 different racing teams and won world championships with every single team. However, he was not afraid to leave a team if he felt that he could do better.   


Fangio won 5 Formula 1 World Championships. This was a Formula 1 record that stood for nearly five decades until it was bested by Michael Schumacher.    


He does own the Formula 1 record for the highest winning percentage of all time with 46%. Fangio won 24 out of 52 races. He also has the highest percentage of pole positions. In addition, he is also the oldest world champion in Formula 1 history.



4.    Sir Jackie Stewart


“The Flying Scot” was a Formula 1 driver between the years 1965 and 1973. He won three world championships and amassed twenty-seven wins in his career. Jackie Stewart‘s impact may have largely stemmed from the commercialization of the sport. He was a long-time commentator of many broadcasts that involved racing. He went beyond Formula 1 to cover Nascar and Indycar races. He was also a well-known spokesperson for the Ford Motor Company. He was also an outspoken supporter for safer cars and safer Formula 1 circuits. The queen knighted Jackie Stewart in 2001.


5.    Alain Prost


This French-born Formula 1 icon may have one of the better drivers during the 1980’s. In his thirteen-year career, Prost won four world championships and won 51 times. His four titles rank behind Juan Michael Fangio and Michael Schumacher. Prost would develop an intense rivalry with the late Aryton Senna during his career. In a 1988 race, Senna tried to block Prost from taking the lead by forcing him close to the wall. The height of their animosity took place between the 1989 and 1990 seasons.


Prost would finish second twice at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. It wasn’t until the final season of his career that he captured first place in this prestigious race.









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