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BLD Magazine: Aj Lee = The #1 Diva In The Wwe
AJ Lee = The #1 Diva in the WWE
Posted by: Mike - June 19th, 2012


CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have been fixtures in the wrestling business for many years. They were bitter rivals at Ring of Honor wrestling. Daniel Bryan was the #1 wrestler in the world according to PWI magazine. CM Punk has been a multiple time world champion in the WWE. Currently, they are in the feud with the Big Red Machine Kane. Kane was a staple of the legendary Attitude Era. He has been a multiple time world champion, tag team champion. He has been in the WWE for sixteen years. Yet, these veterans have not been the main reason that this angle has gotten its sizzle.  There is only one reason.

Her name is AJ Lee.

AJ may be the most complicated diva to enter the WWE since Mickie James. When Mickie James entered the WWE, she was completely infatuated with then WWE diva Trish Stratus. The infatuation became so apparent that she catapulted into stalker status. Trish and Lita were great in their own right. However, it has been a long time since we have seen a WWE diva with so much complexity. There’s nothing complicated about Kelly Kelly. She has good looks and that is all. Alicia Fox is well… foxy. Beth Phoenix is a no-nonsense diva who will overpower you with her intensity. AJ Lee is hard to figure out….and it’s absolutely what seasoned wrestling fans want to see.

Kane is one of the more intimidating figures in the WWE.  He has brought fear to many WWE Divas, past and present. Kane has not been intimidated by the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Rock, Triple H or the mighty John Cena. However, AJ has intimidated Kane to the point in which he has left matches in utter confusion. AJ has brought life to a feud that would have been potentially ordinary without her. After all, the WWE writers managed to bring no life to a WWE championship feud between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan just last month. This love rectangle has made this angle one of the more interesting ones in the WWE this year. The WWE writers would have sealed this angle with a kiss if they made AJ the special guest referee for Sunday’s match. AJ has a connection with all three wrestlers and it is conceivable that she would let any one of them walk off with the WWE title.

I like the upcoming crop of divas such as Kailtlyn, Aksana, Naomi Night and Cameron. However, AJ has wrested the top away from all of the WWE Divas. Kelly Kelly never had a major effect on an angle such as this. Eve Torres looked like she was going on a major heel push, but she is simply one of John Lauranitis’ lackeys. I do not know what the WWE writers have planned for AJ’s character in the future. I just have one request.

Continue to make AJ unpredictable.





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