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BLD Magazine: Nfl Week 3: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
NFL Week 3: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Posted by: Mike - September 27th, 2012


It was, well, an interesting week in the NFL, to say the least. Week 3 was characterized by a muddy mess of referee decisions, close scores in almost every game, a big fantasy injury, bench threats, disappointments, and more. So without further ado, here’s our rundown of last week in football, from the good to the bad to the ugly (the last of which there was plenty of).

Green Bay Loses to Budding Seattle amid Controversy

After last season’s big success, Green Bay fans had highhopes for their Packers this year, but after three games things just aren’t looking as cheesy as hoped for. The now 1 and 2 Packers managed only 12 points to a Seattle team with a surprisingly stout defense as Aaron Rodgers put up just a little over 200 yards and no touchdowns. What’s worse, they almost won. It’s not that the Seahawks played much better, though their four man rush dominated the Packer line all game.

The biggest standout form this contest, and probably all of this game, however, was its ending. Rookie Russell Wilson threw up a Hail Mary on the final drive to golden Tate, who dropped a touchdown pass not long before, which the refs apparently mistakenly called a touchdown. Replays show that it wasn’t even really close, and the game should have ended with a pick and a Green Bay win.

Redskins Continue Underachieving

No one picked the ’Skins to do much in a stout division this year with three Super Bowl contenders, but no one thought it’d be this bad after their week 1 win over New Orleans. In two weeks they’ve lost to St. Louis and Cincinnati, and while The Bengals are coming off a playoff season, not much good can be said of a Redskin defense that was supposed to carry them but has given up 300 yard games to Andy Dalton and the troubled Sam Bradford. The good news is Griffin has looked great, but their much-improved offense doesn’t seem to be keeping up with an underachieving defense.

Saints Still Winless

It’s starting to get ugly in New Orleans. So far they’ve given the poor-looking Panthers their only win while losing to rebuilding Washington and the consistently mediocre Chiefs. It’s hard to find all the right blame for this game, but consider that this overtime loss came with a missed field goal by Garrett Hartley and after New Orleans led 24 to 6 in the third quarter.

Schaub Takes a Hit

Matt Schaub looked better than Peyton by the end of the game, throwing up 4 touchdowns and driving his team to overpower the revamped Broncos. Schaub also gave his best Mike Tyson impersonation, losing part of his ear on a big roughing the passer hit from Denver’s Joe Mays, which eventually allowed them to pick up a field goal. The illegal hit is bringing Mays his own world of pain, costing him a game on the sidelines and a $50k fine.

Cleveland Doing Little

It’s no secret – or surprise – that the Browns are doing little good this year as their woes continue from last year. Apparently a new quarterback can’t help much if the receivers aren’t doing their part, and so goes the thinking as management is threatening young wideout Greg Little with bench time after he dropped several passes in a close loss to Buffalo. 


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