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BLD Magazine: First Impressions
Posted by: Mike - June 17th, 2012

What women notice first about a guy

Just as men have their own little set of favorite features that they take notice of first on women (often this is just a “couple” of major features…), women have their own set of vanity standards. Make sure to keep these attributes attended to and get the love-at-first-sight treatment.

If you’re short, sorry, but a lot of women like a tall man. Don’t fret, though, the tall thing isn’t every woman’s cup of tea, and you can always hunt for the shorter ones. In other cases you’ll have to make up for a lack of height in other ways.

Women don’t like jerks or slicks, even if they end up falling for them in movies. No one wants to think they’re falling for a complete heathen who will mistreat them and their friends, so polish up those pearly whites and practice in a mirror.

Body Type
While everyone assumes all women want a romance novel Fabio cover boy, that’s not always the case. Body type is a matter of preference. While the obese have their own set of health issues at stake, everyone from the thin to the macho to the average-dude have their audience—you just have to find it.

Unless you want a frumpy gal, you can’t be a frumpy guy. Keep up your attire and look sharp at all times. Just don’t look like you’re trying too hard.

Mom Factor
This one’s more of a social first-notice for relationships, but it’s important. Women want to see that men treat their moms well without being bossed around by them. As Steve Harvey suggests in his book, "Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man", women want a man, not a mama's boy.



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