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BLD Magazine: Was Your Date Successful??
Posted by: Mike - June 17th, 2012

Is Your Date A Success?


Men! We have a habit of seeing as much as we want to and no more. We go on dates and while the signs are there, we don't catch them. Now, I'm not saying we are blind, just that we all suffer from the almighty ego, and we need to watch out that it doesn't cause us to waste time on fruitless quests for women who would rather not give you the time of day.  Here are a few tips, some obvious, other's not so much, to help you catch these signs before it's too late.

1) Goes to the bathroom and never comes back
It’s so easy to get rid of a bad date, by excusing yourself to the bathroom and just leaving without getting cut.

2) Answers her cell continuously and text nonstop throughout the date
Can your date be clearer than that, obviously she’s bored to the point of disrespecting you and it’s not a good thing, the date is obviously going….WRONG!!

3) Flirts with the waiter
That’s it…you can’t take it anymore, she doesn’t want to have a nice date with you, flirting in front of you and not caring about it…. that’s cold.

4) Suddenly, she remember a last minute appointment
Why didn’t your date warn you at the beginning? Well she didn’t want a rain check, because the point is to never have another date with you, and the last minute appointment says it all.

5) She wants to borrow your car keys and never come back
First, why does she want to borrow your car keys? Second, what does she plan to do with it? Because obviously nothing good can come out of it, especially if she doesn’t plan on returning... the lesson is to never give your car keys to your date.

6) Calls someone to come pick her up
It’s the 911 emergency calls, she is trapped in a date from hell and she needs some help to escape from it ….

7) Tells you she still has feelings for her ex and she is trying to get back with him
Total turn off, you are the one saying you need to go to the bathroom and never comes back….it’s too much to handle…you’d rather leave and not by the front door but the back door… want to make sure she doesn’t get a glimpse of you leaving.

8) Out of nowhere she suffers from a terrible headache and wants to go home
The date is getting to her head, she’s not having fun, she wants to go home or go out with her friends, but the only thing she doesn’t want to do, is stay with you until the end of the date.

9) She keeps looking at her watch
She is anxious to leave and time doesn’t seem to be going as fast as she would like it to. She’s getting impatient and tense, at this point everything you say is getting on her nerves, she just wants to hear you say….GOODBYE!!!

10) Invites other people to join your table
At this point she needs some extra entertainment and even if it means asking other people to join you she will do it, she doesn’t care about your reaction, she just want to piss you off enough to end the date.

11) Tells you ‘’ Don’t call me… I’ll call you ‘’ and waves goodbye!!!
It says it all, she doesn’t want to hear from you and will make sure it stays that way, because she holds the power over who makes the next move, and you know it’s more negative than positive when she tells you not to call.

12) She has another date
You have to give her points for her honesty, even if you didn’t need to know that information, she is exploring her options and you are not on that list.



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