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BLD Magazine: Top 5 Party Spots
Posted by: Mike - June 17th, 2012

The world’s most expensive party cities: Big bucks, High class, the rich life style

Want to become an international man or woman of decadence? These cities are great for those who can afford them, high class party cities for living up the bourgeois life in style.

Melbourne, Australia
You may not have been thinking of the Aussies, but they know how to party down-under. Melbourne is a vast city with high buildings boasting the Grand Prix for a truly unique experience.

Paris, France
This is the quintessential bourgeois bungalow, hence the French coinage. Paris is the city of lights, full of romantics, artists, and an unending nightlife. It features world-renowned gourmet cuisine (more French coinage) and wines. Brush up on your French first, though, as not every Parisian always takes kindly to foreigners.

Geneva, Switzerland
The land of peace and, consequently, one of the happiest places in the world to live. The Swiss are uber-friendly and know how to have a good time and know how to make a lot of money, so you’d better be able to keep up. We hear Lake Geneva is quite the party spot as well.

Tokyo, Japan
It doesn’t get much crazier or more expensive than Tokyo, and for good reason. Feast on some of the strangest foods you’ll ever find in a city, meet the local friendlies, and experience some of the most intense night clubs in the world.

New York City, New York
We knew this one would make the list. New York is America’s culture capital where only the strong survive. The city that never sleeps will keep you up all night, so you’d better bring you’re a game.

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