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BLD Magazine: Is She For You?
Posted by: Mike - June 17th, 2012

Is She The One For You?


Sometimes you wonder if the person you want to date is also interested in you, unfortunately some of them are not always honest as to tell you they are not into you, not at all. They try to be thoughtful and gentle, but it doesn’t look good and you get disappointed, you wonder if only there’s a way you could see the signs and not waste your time having hope. Read on and learn these signs, it will help you out, and hopefully you will be able to recognize some of those signs, with the next woman you’ll be interested in, and maybe you will be able to put an end to future involvement with women who are not into you.

1) It’s not you... it’s me
The classics of all classic phrases, when you hear that phrase, you know she’s out of your league.

2) You are more precious to me as a friend than a boyfriend
That says it all, no chances you’ll be more than a friend, you obviously are not boyfriend material for her.

3) My job takes all my times
When she is really into someone, she will take the time to see the person and build something strong with him.

4) She cancels on you all the times
If she wants to see you and spend time with you, she will make sure to spend as much time as possible with you, cancelling one time, could be possible…..but all the times is not a good thing.

5) You are always the one calling and she never answers nor returns your phone calls
If she doesn’t take the time to call you or answer your phone calls unless you call private, don’t waste your time.

6) She wants to introduce you to a friend
Something is wrong when the girl you are interested in, wants to match you with a friend, knowing you want to date her….red flag right there.

7) She calls you…only to use you
The only times she calls you, is to give her a ride, bring her shopping, pay her bills etc… Her only interest in you, is to use you.

8) I can’t get involved right now, I‘m going through some things
So easy to use that excuse instead of admitting that there is no interest, she may really be going through some things but if you see her in the arms of another guy….she was going through some things only with you.

9) You deserve someone else
What she really means is you deserve someone who will give you a chance, because she’s not going to be the one who will.

10) She doesn’t show any interest in getting to know you
Every times you talk about yourself she doesn’t pay attention, she doesn’t listen to you and rather pay attention to the floor, she doesn’t ask you questions about your interest or what’s going on in your life, basically she doesn’t care about you.

11) She flirts in front of you
Flirting is all she does when she is with you, but the problem is that she is not flirting with you, but with other guys…right in your face, like you are invisible, you know the only person she should be flirting with is…YOU.

12) You are like a brother to me
The phrase no one wants to hear when they are interested in a girl. That’s a real turn off, friends, okay even best friend, but brother? It’s the ultimate deception, when you hear her say that phrase, it says it all, she will never have any interest in you….NEVER.


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