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BLD Magazine: The Mark Of A Gentleman
Posted by: Mike - June 17th, 2012


Every man wants to feel like a man, and in today’s world, sometimes the best way to help feel like a man is to dress like one. It’s a small gesture, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? The next time you want to make a real impression on the ladies, throw on some of these and project yourself as the bad ass you know you are.

A Good Suit
The first one on the list isn’t the most obvious one, but just think about it if you’re not sold already. Who wears chic suits? James Bond does. So do the guys from Entourage. And every mafia man this side of Scarface. Nothing speaks to manliness quite like confidence, so suit up and toe that line between businessman and business man.

Leather Jacket
I challenge you to watch Mad Max and not want to be Mel Gibson (this is, admittedly, probably the only time you’ll think that). A good leather jacket says motorcycles, daring, ready for anything. Plus it’s water-resistant, and that’s just handy.

A Fancy Watch
Who wears watches anymore? No one. In the age of cell phones, watches are more and more rare, so really make an impression by wearing a sweet time-piece on your wrist. Try one with multiple gauges and sunlight power to show that you’re a man who has appointments to keep and no time to waste. Extra points for pocket watches.

There’s no man more manly than a lumberjack, let’s face it. Find a flannel, let the chest hair roam wild out of it, and get that beard into the light to show the ladies that even if you’re an urban man, you can build her a cabin with your bare hands, suck the maple out of a tree, and ride a grizzly bear bare-back. Use puns, too.

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