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BLD Magazine: Tired Of Being Single?
Posted by: Mike - June 17th, 2012

Tired Of Being Single?





Tired of being single? You want to meet someone special, that will complete you and be there for you, no matter the difficulties you'll have in life? It may sound hard to believe, but that special person is out there for you, but you have to put yourself out there and make sure that you put in the effort necessary to change your status from single to '' in a relationship''  Here’s how you can change your single situation.

1) You have to put yourself out there
 Do activities that involve interaction with the opposite sex, create opportunities.

2) Go to 5 to 7
 After a hard day at work go have fun in a cozy bar and mingle with other people, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and flirt a little.

3) Go on dating websites

Of course, don’t get your expectations up too high, there’s all kinds of people but you may be lucky enough to find the one, be open minded.

4) Don’t wait for the perfect woman
There is no such thing, sometimes you have to open your eyes wider and be able to connect with a different kind of women.

5) Speed dating
You get to meet a lot of people in a short period of time and target your preferences at the same time, it’s a different way of meeting, but if you don’t try it you won’t know  if it’s your cup of tea or not.

6) Go to libraries (Chapters, Indigo or else)
Unbelievably, it’s a good meeting spot, you get to share your literary knowledge with someone interesting.

7) Go to a coffee shop ( Second cup, Starbucks etc....) or a tea shop

What a cozy environment … shop, tea shop...whatever you like, bring a good book or magazine and don’t look too available, it may seem desperate and that’s not what  you’re going for.

8) Do a singles party
Ask all your single friends to bring at least one single friend, the more the merrier...imagine a big get together with single people, with a nice mood, attraction & you've got a recipe for opprtunities.

9) Matchmaking


Ask your friends to set you up with one of their single friends, you can even try a dating service, they could match you with someone who fits your standards.

10) Open your eyes



The right person for you could be closer than you think ( workplace, your local grocery store etc…) , do a list of all the single person you know and see if there are any you would consider dating.

11) Forget about your ex



You need to move on, if you don’t, you will miss out on good opportunities to meet the right person for you, don’t close the door on love when it’s coming your way….

12) Stop dating the wrong person


Stop wasting your time dating the wrong person for you, date people who have potential and who will treat you right.






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