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BLD Magazine: How To Prepare For The First Date
Posted by: Mike - June 17th, 2012

First Date Preparation


What can we say about the first date? It’s the key to the second date of course, but... it’s excitement, nervousness, apprehension it’s a mixed feeling or different state of mind. It’s a moment of fun and getting to know someone or hopefully not boring them...all night. But if you want to ace your date, how about some useful tips, to make sure you can succeed at having a second one. Put all the chances on your side with these 12 tips for a successful first date.


1) Dress well

Women do love it when a man has a sense of style, don’t overdo it...forget the smoking and the suit, except if you’re going to a gala or a big occasion, otherwise just look your best… BE IRRESISTIBLE!!

2) Smell good (don’t shower yourself with the cologne, so easy)

It’s always appealing, even hypnotizing when a men smells good. Now when it’s too much, it can be quite repulsive, just be fair in the dosage of perfume and your date won’t faint.

3) Be on time

No time for suspense, your date doesn’t need to ask herself 1000 times if you stood her up because you’re late. It doesn’t look good and it breaks the mood, before it has a chance. Be there on time.

4) Be a gentleman and go pick up the girl, if you're taking a cab, you should open the door for her, give the directions, and pay.

Being charming is a winner for the ladies, they want to be treated like queens, pamper them, give them attention, let them shine and be respectful. But remember that fine line, let the lady have some say and don't assume too much unless you've known her a bit. You wanna charm her, not be the Dictator.

5) Bring a little gift (cupcake, flower, chocolate etc..)

No need for the gift to be expensive, you can be original and offer something other than the traditional gift such as flower, chocolate, but if you’re going on that path make sure it’s something appropriate, forget the lingerie (nice try!) but it’s a no no.

6) Plan a “one of a kind” date

Be adventurous on your first date, do  something unusual, surprise her, woo her, you want her to remember the first date, make sure she will.

7) Put the phone away (you don’t need any distractions)

Let’s be honest, taking phone calls, texting, while on a date is very disrespectful. It shows your date that she’s not important enough to have all your attention. Might as well date your cell... because you will end up alone at the end of the date, just turn off your cell and focus on who's in front of you.

8) Make sure you prepare yourself with questions and different subjects to spice up the date, no inappropriate questions or talk

Be prepared, forget the robot speech, just be natural. Sometimes it’s stressful, you want the other person to find you interesting... not boring, just ask questions that will help you get to know the other person and talk about yourself, be careful... forget the monologue, you need to give opportunities to your date to express himself/herself.

9) Do not talk about you ex, unless your date asks you questions

Please put your ex at the back, and I mean, far back, of your mind. There is nothing appealing about hearing how she ripped out your heart and stepped on it. Move on, that’s why you will be dating, otherwise stay home and moan about her.... alone. You don't need to go on a date to express your sorrow's, if your date wants to know about it, that’s different. If she opens the door, trust me as soon as you answer her questions she will close that particular door pretty fast.

10) PAY THE BILL, forget about paying half or each person paying they part, BIG TURN OFF

No need to be greedy on a date, you need to pay the bill, show you can pamper her some, and if you don’t pay, it’s a sure end to a second date that never began in the first place. You want to show your date that you have everything under control, no need for her to worry about nothing, you got everything in charge and your date will appreciate it.

11) Remember, the first date is the way to the second, if you don’t ace it....forget it

Impress your date, show her how good of a catch you are, be yourself (positive side only for now) be attentive to her, let her know you are interested in getting to know her more. Entice your way to a second date, make her think about spending time with you. Body language is important, even if you are shy. When she talks, don’t look at the neighbor at the other table, eye contact is a must, but do not get too lost in it as she might be intimidated. Be subtle and if the waitress is smoking hot, do not pay attention, because your date will notice and won’t be to pleased. Remember, when you are with her, she is the center of attention.

12) Call her the next day and let her know how much you appreciate the date and if you’re lucky, there will be a second date...

One time is enough, no need to harass her, it may blow your chances. She won’t date a psycho as handsome as you can be, you can text her, but calling her is less impersonal, you can also leave a message short and sweet and patiently wait, if it’s mutual there will be a second date.

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