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BLD Magazine: Weekend Catch
Posted by: Mike - June 17th, 2012

The Single Life: How to be the catch of the Weekend

Booze, babes, and bros; if the single life has its advantages, surely they start with B’s. If you find that you don’t envy the couples hand-locked walking along the lake, but appreciate certain unnamed aspects of romance, you need to know how to be the prime weekend catch. Here it is in a few easy steps.

Be Handsome
This one may sound too simple to be realistic, but it’s more a statement of intent than transformation. Women like a well-dressed man, one who can dress sharp and sleek with good grooming, even if you’ve groomed yourself to look perfectly ungroomed.

Bear Gifts
This goes especially for attending house or dinner parties. Always be the guy who brings x, something memorable and appreciative. Bring a certain rare brand of wine or beer or even something off the wall like raspberry truffles. It makes you interesting. It works the same at a club, observe what your target seems to like or ask her bartender, then order it and bring it to her. She’ll think you’re a fortune teller.

Be Charming
There are plenty of ways to act, but make sure no matter what, you’re charming. Mix the sweet talk with good-hearted jabbing and don’t ever seem desperate. Women, as is the case with men as well, like for interest to be shown in them, so remember the things she says and relate them later. You don’t have to like everything she likes, but be interested.

Be Indispensable
Make sure that by the end of the night you seem like something she shouldn’t do without. If you can get her entry to an exclusive club or know how to order a great drink she’s never heard of or know the best place for late-night sushi, it makes you that much more necessary for her good time.


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